Agile can be also referred as Swift or Versatile. It is an approach that based on Iterative model and Incremental process for software Development. Here,the process is to break tasks into smaller iterations or parts and plans on the number of iterations, duration and the scope of each iteration in advance. Each iteration is referred as Frame. Each frame lasts from one to four weeks. This frame work helps in minimizing the involvement of risks and reduce delivery time requirements.


• Define- tells about the work to be done in a frame
• Design- Planning on required requirements
• Build- Making design
• Test- Verify the functions of product
• Release-Handover to client

Pros :

• Make efficient designs.
• Results in frequent delivery.
• Reduce development time of a project.
• Anytime changes are acceptable.


• Maintenance is a bit difficult.
• Not a place for newbie programmers unless they work with experienced resources.
• Project taken off track if client requirement is unclear.

Content By S.Manasa