COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization,forcing countries to take measures to ensure containment and reduce the spread of the virus. However, without vaccines, it will be necessary to use digital technology to contain it. It has been incorporated into border controls, air travel, planning and to ensure effective contact tracing for surveillance. And response processes that would have been difficult if carried out manually.

Several state governments were the first to respond to the coronavirus pandemic as they need to protect their citizens. Technology has proven essential for the government to continue providing essential services and contain the virus.The rate of re-infection is reduced. Digital technology is not only important for containment, it also creates social cohesion as it provides services such as education. Access to education as your duty to guarantee services such as education is essential.

The rise in Covid-19 cases has resulted in the use of many existing technologies at the medical level that have not been used before. Technologies were used to ensure maximum containment of the virus. Properties that make them effective and friendly for healthy purposes.

The digital technologies used have characteristics such as handling large databases. Most digital technologies rely heavily on data to function fully. With a large database, DTs can store all the information they get about Covid-19. The digital technologies used need to be monitored as the data is captured. This is because of how the data is collected by different smart devices. Digital devices can analyze the data they collect and use it with the underlying logic. With these functions can have great data input and output.

Human participation is another feature of digital technology as it requires human participation. Human involvement is the way people use DTs without actually being in contact with them. This is because humans simply give DTs commands how to do them. Orders are given through existing intermediate technologies. Humans are responsible for giving commands to DTs on how to collect, execute, analyze, and transmit the collected data to solve the problem.Controlled by humans, how the spread of the virus can be tracked and the measures implemented can be enforced. New AI developments are implemented and carried out based on established algorithm standards.

A common characteristic of digital technology is simplicity. Digital technology is designed to be simple and easy to use. It should be technology that is easy to understand and not complex. It should be easy for the human brain to understand how it works. The simplicity of digital technology should be such that all users can interact and use the technology without difficulty. When innovating digital technology, the developer should consider understanding the IQ of the target market. The technologies paid homage to the fight against the coronavirus.In technology, it was easier to suspect signs and symptoms of the virus to do from the comfort of your home. It has also made it easier for people to easily access and seek medical advice through video and phone calls.

Technology to fight Covid-19 should be cheap. This feature makes it possible to reduce the cost of fighting the virus. Using drones to enforce social distance and provide medical care is a more economical and efficient method than using choppers. Robots are cheaper units compared to using human resources to disinfect areas with high infection, hospitals and also intensive care units where people with a large number of infections can be located. The process of exchanging data in the cloud is a less costly method and a more efficient method of collecting, analyzing and transferring data than the process that is done manually. This is because clearer data sharing in the cloud gives us a better and more accurate customer experience.

Interactive digital technologies make it easier for people to interact with computerized information and technology in the same way that we would in a one-on-one conversation. This feature is vital in the fight against the coronavirus as it makes it easier for a person to tag themselves. Protective technologies like robots housed in a hospital can interact with people and patients by providing the necessary medication.

– Content By Nithyalakshmi