Website Cookies – Text Files which consists piece of data appear when user opens any kind of website.These cookies are acceptable for monitoring and remembering certain information of user.

There are 3 kinds of cookies such as Session, Persistent and Third party.

  1. Session: These are worked within the website which are temporary. Tracks information and doesn’t work if session expired.
  2. Persistent: These are of permanent type, also access even after closing websites.
  3. Third Party: These are arranged by website except which you are on current page.Cookie exploitation: It is nothing but stealing essential information of user in system.

Gaining unauthorised access services is exploitation which also can be called as hijacking.

Impeccable features: Accessing information that does not harm user such as simplifying user interests, remembering access information, tracking etc.

Why it is boon and bane to ethical hackers:

Ethical hackers are of kinds. The information which user provided through cookies can be accessed by ethical hackers. These hackers can use this information for both good and bad purposes.

• Regaining lost information can be a good purpose.
• Unauthorised access of services is a bane.
• Tracking and personalisation,securing from threats are useful.
• Mishandling one’s data,Stealing data and causing harm for users is not acceptable.

But,Considering todays technology and society,ethical hackers can access information through cookies and use it for either of any purpose.
So,Cookie exploitation is being taken as boon and bane for ethical hackers.

– Content By S.Manasa