Machine Learning & Deep Learning

 Machine learning and Deep learning can very well be said as need of the hour or a demanding field of the technology industry. And the main reason behind it is they have the ability to discover hidden patterns on a large amount of data. They are capable of processing data in real-time with fast and efficient algorithms and can produce accurate results and
analysis. They can easily solve complex problems and they are the smart way to analyze a
vast amount of data.

Machine Learning

Machine learning uses algorithms to learn from the data by parsing the data and make informed decisions based on what on its learnings. The training data required for machine learning algorithms are less. Therefore they take less time to train. They train on CPU. The output of machine learning algorithms is in numerical form. Bounded tuning capability.

Deep Learning

Deep learning structures the algorithms in layers to create an “artificial neural network” that can study and make intelligent decisions on its own. Deep learning requires a large set of data for training. The training time of deep learning algorithms is long and they train on GPU. The output of the deep learning algorithms can be in any form including free form elements such as free text and sound. They can be tuned in various ways.

Scope in ML and DL

The scope for machine learning and deep learning in the future is nearly endless! The increasing use of technology incorporated activities in our daily life is one of the main reasons for the growth of machine learning and deep learning in almost every domain. On the financial aspect, machine learning and deep learning are assured to help companies and even individuals save money, invest more wisely, and allot resources more efficiently. And these areas are only the start of future trends for machine learning and deep learning. The future holds more.