AI : Artificial Intelligence is a combination of two words Artificial and Intelligence,where Artificial means “man-made,” and intelligence means “thinking power”, hence AI means “a man-made thinking power.”

Artificial intelligence is divide into 2 types based on their capabilities:

Type 1:
➢ Narrow AI
➢ General AI
➢ Strong AI

Type 2:
➢ Reactive machines
➢ Limited memory
➢ Theory of mind
➢ Self awareness.

The most basic but still quite useful artificial intelligence is called reactive AI because it reacts to the existing conditions as it name suggests.Reactive Intelligence is simply taking input and responding accordingly to that input.Reactive machines are the most basic machines in artificial intelligence.Reactive machines didn’t store previous information or ‘memories’ to determine future information.

★ They aren’t able to learn or conceive from the past; they simply perceive the world and react to it.
★ They will respond to the identical situations.
★ These reactive machines don’t show variance in action if the input is the same.
★ These machines don’t have memory based functionality.
★ Reactive machines are the oldest form of artificial intelligence systems that have extremely limited capability.
★ Reactive machines are simplest form of robots
★ With out these reactive machines we can’t find out solution for many problems in AI

Examples of reactive machines:

★ Deep Blue, the supercomputer created by IBM , that ultimately competed and won a chess match against reigning world champion Garry Kasparov, is a notable example of reactive AI.
★ AlphaGo is one of the games, programmed by google. It is also an example for reactive machines.

– Content By Ulavala Gopika