Hacker: person who uses computer ,networks or other skills to overcome a technical problems or who uses their skills and capabilities to gain unauthorized access to systems or companies to attempt crimes.
Eg: steal any company information by using company’s WiFi or network to gain money.

Who Kevin Mitnik?

Fullname:Kevin David Mitnik
Born: August 6,1963,California,US
Occupation :IT Consultant before hacker

Why we him as world’s best hacker?

Kevin Matnik is the world’s best hacker because,He started hacking at the age of 12 years. At that age kevin liked to roam on the buses but he didn’t had a sufficient money for tickets. He thought that I can steal tickets from conducter but how can i get puncture machine and directly he asked to driver about that and he told about that.Then Kevin started roaming on the buses without money.From this he started hacking.This 1st step to kevin to become a best hacker.

After that he included as member of radio immature.Then he started hacking again on phones by speaking like a parents with his computer teacher and at the age of 15 years Kevin has full knowledge about phone he can do anything and everything in phones. In order to stop his works against the best phone hacking her mom removed phone connection. Even though he didn’t stopped hacking.

  • After this he was arrested by his hackings. He didn’t waste his time in Jail. He learn all the things about phone calls.
  • He can listen all phone calls and redirect or what he want he can able to do all those things where ever he is in the world.
  • Even he didn’t leave any proofs for his hackings.
  • So many times he was arrested by his hackings even though he continued hacking process.
    Once upon a time in court at the time of investigation technical team was given a task to the kevin that is ” To break the ArpaNet security” they thought that only hackers can do it. After completion of this task by Kevin,he was released and Kevin was recognised and celebrated as such hacker. After that he hacked all the members account s and files etc information in court and even he didn’t leave any proofs for that.
    By this wonderful hacking Kevin Mitnik is celebrated as world’s best hacker.
  • By his hackings many times he was arrested.
  • After released from the jail in 2005 he didn’t did hacking ever.
  • Now he running Defence Thinking company which can provid security to all the companies .
  • Now he working as in many roles.

– Content By Ulavala Gopika