Sniffing can be defined as the process of monitoring and capturing data packets by passing through a network. Sniffers are generally used for capturing sensitive data like password, account information and other related stuff.

Sniffers can be broadly categorised into two parts :

ACTIVE SNIFFINGThis method of sniffing is through a switched network. A switch device connects the two networks
PASSIVE SNIFFING This method of sniffing is through hubs, hubs uses MAC addresses to read the destination port of data.

Pros of Sniffing in Industries :

Network Monitoring : It helps analyse application activities and network problems.
Problem Identification : This helps identify problems and take precautions.
Analyse traffic by type : It helps understand various traffic situations at different times.
Solutions to Slow down: It also helps the system from any future slow down due prior to any issues.

Cons of Sniffing in Industries :

● Stealing of sensitive data: Important data may be stolen without knowledge.
● Untrusted network : Getting linked to unsecured network without knowledge
● Anonymous use of accounts: Use of credential accounts without notice.
● Access over the system: in some cases there is full access over the system by the hackers.

– Content By Priyasi Pal