Packet Sniffing:

The process of monitoring packets that is passing through a network is called packet sniffing.

Packet sniffer:

It is a software or hardware tool used to intercept, log and analyze the data and network traffic.

Top five packet Analyzers or Packet sniffers tools:

1.SolarWinds Network Packet Sniffer
3.Paessler PRTG
4.ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

SolarWinds Network Packet Sniffer:

It is actually a two for one. It contains Network performance monitor and Network traffic analyzer.

1)Network performance monitor, which handles fault,availability, and performance monitoring for networks of all sizes. Network traffic analyzer, which uses flow technology for analysis of the performance of network bandwidth and traffic patterns.
2)Network performance monitor, it monitors the display response time, availability. And also resolves performance issues with dashboards, alerts, and reports.
3)And it is also graphically displays network performance statistics in real time via dynamic network maps.
4)Network traffic analyzer, it identifies users, applications and protocols.
5)And it highlights the IP addresses and stores and displays flow data.


1)Wireshark is also known as Ethereal.
2)It is popular and open-source packet sniffer
3)It is both an interactive packet sniffer and analysis tool.
4)It can run on operating systems of windows, mac and Linux.
5)It gives the details about the packets we concerned.
6)And it gives the information about the packets across the network.

Paessler PRTG:

1)Paessler PRTG, it is all-in-one packet snigging tool.
2)It provides the insights to the infrastructure and performance of the network.It supports windows and it has various possibilities for monitoring bandwidth and traffic.
3)It can filter IP address by using protocols and data type.
4)And it provides the constant overview. And it has mobile app for IOS and Android devices.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer:

1)ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer will perform in-depth traffic analysis. And it provides real-time traffic graphs and reports.
2)ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer, performs protocol and application monitoring. It has dashboard that gives view of information of the traffic.
3)It gives the information about advanced monitoring like disturbed monitoring and capacity planning report.


1)It is a standard for many network administrators even though it does not have the pretty user interface like Wireshark and doesn’t have any built-in logic.
2)It is the best standard for network packet sniffing.
3)It captures and record the packet with little system.
4)It was originally designed for UNIX systems.

– Content by Neelam Umadevi