Web Development

Web development can simply be defined as the building and maintenance of websites. Web development deals with all the works that need to be taken care of for the website to look good, work fast, and function well being user-friendly. The person who works on the development of the website is called the “Web Developer”


Web developers can be classified into three types.
• Front-end developer
• Back-end developer
• Full-stack developer

The front-end developer takes care of most of the visual aspects of the website such as the design of the website and layout of the website, etc.

The back-end developer mostly works on the data that is being stored on the website. He deals with all the aspects of the data.

A full-stack developer is nothing but both front-end and back-end developer combined.

Why do we need it?

We need web development because it one of the great means to showcase their organization/works for anyone using it.It’s one of the main ways through which people will come to know about all the information regarding your company or organization or shop or work. It helps people to know about the services provided by you and gives them the freedom to compare yours with others and know the best.

Web development is one of the growing and demanding fields right now.Web development is being used in most organizations, schools and has become the widely used domain. Web developers are always in demand and are highly paid. In this technological era, Web Development has taken a very prominent place and it will serve as a basement for further more innovations in the future


To solve social problems, Indian start-ups are growing and developing AI solutions in education, health, and financial services. In general, India’s digital footprint has expanded dramatically. The government is also pushing forward with various projects aimed at improving technological infrastructure. Various agencies and artificial intelligence institutes, as well as various industries, are creating policy frameworks and initiatives to instil such abilities.